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Paradise on the Peninsula - Okains Bay DVD

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This DVD was created by Karetu Productions, a group of Year 7 and 8 students at Okains Bay School in 2009.
It covers
- the history of Okains Bay
- the early pioneers
- the Okains Bay Colonial and Maori Museum
- St John the Evangelist Church
- the oldest continually operating shop in New Zealand
- Rowendale and other famous buildings
- the history of education in Okains Bay
- people who make a living in Okains Bay

It also features a Poem - Okains Bay, written by resident June Hartley featuring her great photography, and read by her grand daughter, one of the production team.

There is also a slideshow of over 300 photos taken in and around Okains Bay by the student production team.

Available from the Museum office or the Okains Bay store
Email the DVD production team at

or howard.pettigrew@xtra.co.nz